• Manager, Charlotte Youth Symphony

  • Founder, Charlotte Junior Youth Symphony 

  • Board President, Friends of Music Queens College,

  • Board President, Austin Flute Club


  • Board President, Chicago Flute Club, past editor The Pipeline newsletter, frequent contributor to the Pipeline. Currently, Webmaster for Chicago Flute Club

  • 2010 established The Flute Enterprise

  • Office Manager, Skokie Valley Symphony Orchestra, Skokie IL.

Career Highlights

Valerie Simosko

  • Principal Flute, Charlotte Symphony 23 years

  • Product Developer, Azumi Flute

  • Product Developer, Avanti Flute

  • Product Developer, Galway Spirit Flute.

  • Manager, Altus Flutes

  • Marketing Director Flutes, Conn-Selmer

  • Performer, presenter, and exhibitor at NFA conventions

  • Flute instructor to award winning students for over 30 years

  • Educator, writer and advocate for the flute and chamber music

  • BA Business Administration, cum laude

  • MA Music Performance, Flute